Critical Fit Recruiting

Critical Fit Executive And Technical Recruiting

Discover the difference Critical Fit can make for your organization. Leverage our team to extend your reach into the global marketplace to find the best candidate who will succeed quickly and fit for the long term.

Using the The Critical Fit ProcessSM we consistently generate 3 to 5 excellent candidates within 30 – 60 days, allowing companies to move forward quickly.



Some of the features of The Critical Fit ProcessSM include:

  • Utilizing an in depth analysis of Critical Fit Factors including scope of responsibility, organizational culture, management style, runway for growth, candidate hooks, and current trajectory.
  • Reducing client staff time used during search and interview process.
  • Accessing an international database of 35,000 highly qualified contacts.
  • Filtering candidates based on a unique Critical Fit process.
  • Preparing candidates and client to understand each others needs.
  • Committing to a search process until completion.
  • Screening short listed candidate using virtual technology for communication style
    and appearance.
  • Developing detailed short listed candidate packages with analysis of Critical Fit
  • Leveraging decades of experience in the marketplace to advice the client in negotiations to entice the right candidate to leave the current position.
  • Arranging for quick and effective on-boarding of selected candidates.
  • Partnering with clients to achieve long term organizational success.

Put the Critical Fit ProcessSM to work for your organization today.