Why Should You Work With A Recruiter To Find Your Next Job?

An executive or technical recruiting agency may be your best option if:

  • Your skills and experience may be the best fit for job opportunities which never find their way to public listings.
  • You want to explore new opportunities without jeopardizing your current position.
  • You want to relocate to another area of the country or world.
  • You want specific insight into the needs of the interviewing company to allow you to demonstrate you will fit.
  • You want to leverage a firm’s long history in multiple placements in companies in your field.
  • You want coaching to address any areas of concern to present in the best possible light.
  • Interview coaching to put you on the runway to advancement.
  • Your resume is extensive and needs improvement to pull out the most important elements based on an understanding of the global market.
  • You want to receive feedback at every step of the process.
  • You need insight into market trends from a firm with global visibility.

Critical Fit Recruiting uses the systematic Critical Fit ProcessSM to identify factors such as scope of responsibility, work style, and cultural similarity to find candidates who not only have the skills needed for the position, but the qualities needed to succeed quickly. Critical Fit also prepares each short listed candidate to interview successfully by demonstrating an understanding of those factors.

Joining the Critical Fit Recruiting database opens opportunities to be considered for exciting job opening in Fortune 500 Companies, multibillion dollar technical companies, as well as high tech startup companies and established manufacturers.

We accept resumes from currently successful applicants in engineering, manufacturing, managerial, sales, financial, production, and high tech fields. Visit our History of Success Page for a partial listing of recent placements.