Successful Employee Recruitment Requires Critical Fit

With more than three decades of experience recruiting and placing high value employees in Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders, Jim Kay & Associates understands why many searches fail. The systematic Critical Fit ProcessSM identifies factors such as scope of responsibility, work style, and cultural similarity to place candidates who not only have the skills needed for the position, but the qualities needed to succeed quickly. Many times, the candidate is not only a fit for the current position, but also has the potential for additional professional growth within the organization.

Jim Kay & Associates has proven track record in delivering high quality results by filling critical niche positions with high value candidates  thus creating long term relationships. An international database of more than 35,000 highly qualified contacts means quality candidates are identified within 30 days. Having an extensive global network allows Jim Kay & Associates to advise clients how to entice the high value employee to move into a new position.

Put the Critical Fit ProcessSM to work for your organization today.